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2020 is coming to a close- why hasn't the jail?!

2020 is coming to a close- why hasn't the jail?!

This is the question we asked Councilmembers recently when 25 organizations came together to demand they introduce legislation to close the jail by December 31st.

But it's been ((crickets)) in City Council since we contacted them at the end of November and now we need you to amplify our demand.

The last day to introduce legislation before the year's end is TODAY. And many people think the jail was already closed- including some uninformed Councilmembers. But the jail remains open for business, holding around 20 people a day inside a 14-story building for petty municipal offenses. This is despite a year-long process with the multi-stakeholder Reimagining ACDC Taskforce that issued recommendations for it's closure, design plans for a Center for Equity, Wellness & Freedom sitting on the Mayor's desk, and the jail being defunded in the 2021 budget. What more do they need??

Tweet Councilmembers TODAY to let them know that voters are watching and we're tired of waiting. We need to close the books on mass incarceration in our city by closing ACDC TODAY!

-Communities Over Cages: Close the Jail ATL Campaign

P.S. Not on Twitter? Hit Councilmembers up on email or Facebook:

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