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Two Steps Closer Toward a Repurposed Jail

In another victory for the campaign and our sister organizations who have been fighting for an end to the ICE contract for years, Mayor Bottoms signed an executive order today mandating the 5 remaining ICE detainees be transferred out of the Atlanta city jail, and confirming that Atlanta will no longer detain our people for ICE!

We would like to take the time to highlight the tireless work of Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, Women Watch Afrika, Black Alliance for a Just Immigration- and Project South and Georgia Detention Watch whose recent report shed light on the inhumane conditions for detained immigrants in Georgia.

And this is not the only good news we have to share today--

In a meeting earlier this week, Fulton County Commissioner Hall guaranteed organizers with the Close the Jail ATL Campaign that Fulton County will not purchase the facility to be used as a jail or for any other correctional purpose. Commissioner Hall shared our commitment to a vision of a repurposed building - a center for wellness and freedom - and is willing to work with all of us to build a partnership between the community, the city, and the county to make it a reality.

The Close the Jail ATL Campaign has always been opposed to the plan to sell the jail to highest bidder. Instead, we want all of you- our communities who have been impacted by the jail- to lead a process to repurpose the jail into something that rights the wrongs of the past and serves our communities.

What would you like to see in place of the Atlanta jail? Share your vision for community safety and a repurposed jail by filling out our survey today!

P.S. Are you staff at ACDC and want to talk? Contact us!

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