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JOIN US! Town Hall to END the Incarceration of Women and Girls

We are calling ALL formerly incarcerated women and girls & women and girls who have been impacted by our criminal legal system! Come out, share your story and wisdom, and together, let’s build the power to change the world for us and our families, we want to hear and celebrate your resistance. Because together we are more powerful than we know.

If you’ve been locked up or locked down, arrested, saddled with a criminal record, sentenced to 10 days or 10 years, we want to hear your wisdom and your story…

If you’ve had to bail out a loved one, pay the fines and fees, provide housing and food when your loved ones’ conviction kept them from doing that for themselves, we want to hear your ideas and solutions to this crisis in our communities…

If you’ve been forced to experience the racism and gender oppression in the system and fought back in ways big and small, we want to hear and celebrate your resistance…

We welcome ALL impacted women, girls and allies: mothers, daughters, trans women, femmes, butches and studs, divas, grandmas, queer and gender non-conforming, dancers, students, sisters, Black, Latina, immigrant, Muslim, Arab, Christian…

Lunch will be served *PLEASE ARRIVE AT 11:30 AM, we will complete on site registration and serve lunch at that time. Child Care is Available Free Parking

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